OurKidsCode Workshops

We are developing and linking to resources to help run family creative coding workshops

There is both a great need and demand for family opportunities to learn creative computing. In the OurKidsCode survey an overwhelming majority of parents recognised the importance of teaching their children about the role of computers in society, but very few worked with their children to develop coding skills and a more active use of computers.

Over 77% of parents say they would like to spend time with their child when they are learning about computers.

Organise your own creative computing group

If you and other families in your community want to do something about this, OurKidsCode is there to help you organise your own creative coding group starting, where possible, with a workshop led by one of our facilitators. Facilitator-led workshops will be available in 2019. Contact us for further information and updates.

OurKidsCode has designed family creative computing workshops, to get you started. Use these OurKidsCode cards to support the first two workshops. These cards are to help organise workshops that are intended to kick-start a local group of parents to have the confidence and competence to continue meeting and enjoying creative computing with their own and other families. They provide facilitators and participants with advice on how to connect to online tools, help with running a workshop and include two step-by-step workshop activities to get going: