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We are developing and linking to resources to help run family creative coding workshops

OurKidsCode Cards

Avatar By Richard Millwood

These cards are to help organise workshops that are intended to kick-start a local group of parents to have the confidence and competence to continue meeting and enjoying creative computing with their own and other families. They provide facilitators and participants with advice on how to connect to online tools, help with running a workshop and include two step-by-step workshop activities to get going:

Download all cards: OurKidsCodeCards(.zip). This file contains the following cards:


  • S1 Welcome (2 sides)
  • S2 Computational Thinking
  • S3 Who does what?
  • S4 What, how and why - workshop 1 - Rock-Paper-Scissors (2 sides)
  • S5 Icebreaker - workshop 1 - Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • S6 What, how and why - workshop 2 - Dance Mat (2 sides)
  • S7 Icebreaker - workshop 2 - Dance Mat
  • S7 Icebreaker - facilitator workshop - Who am I?


  • W1 Rock-Paper-Scissors (4 sides)
  • W2 Dance Mat (4 sides)

Examples & Extensions

  • E1 Make a picture (2 sides)
  • E2 Show any number
  • E3 Counting
  • E4 Make a mood badge
  • E5 Micro:bit project ideas


  • T1 Getting connected
  • T2 Starting MakeCode
  • T3 Bluetooth pairing
  • T4 Flash your program (iOS and Android)
  • T5 Flash your program (Windows)
  • T6 Flash your program (macOS)
  • T7 Start Scratch

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