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In recent years there has been a huge increase in interest in the teaching and learning of computing both in and outside school. Parental involvement in learning activities in the home, particularly in the early years, is strongly associated with better learning outcomes. Parents are also a big influence on their children’s subject and career choice

However, a lot of Irish parents feel they don’t have the necessary skills and competencies in this area. They also currently feel that they lack information on STEM career options. This project focuses on empowering parents' personal relationship and competence with computing so that they, in turn, can support their children. Success will be achieved if there is increased confidence to continue activity in this area.

We have recently surveyed parents across Ireland to find out how they currently feel about computing. We have also started to pilot our workshops in schools around the country and will be conducting more in September and October 2018.

We will be posting more details soon but in the meantime email us if you or your school are interested in getting involved or are just interested in finding out more.

Are you interested in becoming an OurKidsCode Facilitator?

We are providing free training for parties interested in delivering the OurKidsCode workshops. The training will prepare you to apply the OurKidsCode model with families that you work with. Applicants should be already be working with families with primary-aged children and have at opportunity to run workshops in a venue and time that such families can attend - we have found after school works well. This may be in the context of a local primary school, a CoderDojo, a community centre or even one family’s home, where they can invite one or two others. The aim is to encourage the families to sustain further meetings independently, although your support may be sought from time to time!

Trinity College Dublin and the National Parents Council would like to thank those of you who participated in their 'Parents and Computing 2018 Survey'. The survey is now closed.